What is this site, in brief? is a web resource for user interface designers.

Ok, you don't have to be so brief.
Interface design is the most overlooked aspect of software and product design in our technological world. Just as many people don't think they need a good architect to design a home, software developers often don't think it's necessary to hire a skilled interface designer. A stellar example of this is the current state of Microsoft Windows.

This site will have a collection of articles intended to help developers create superior interfaces. In addition, it will provide a directory of outside resources, such as reference books, development tools, and other information to help make the task of interface design easier. Lastly, a discussion forum will allow those interested in the subject to share ideas and ask questions in a dedicated (not to mention spam-free) environment.

Right now, I'm just getting started, so there's not much here yet. But, I'd love to hear from you - if you have any suggestions of what you'd like to see here or have any interface design questions, feel free to contact me.

Who do I contact with questions or comments?
Just send email to Sorry, but we are not interested in solicitations of any kind (that's where you try to sell us something), and we are not offering employment at this time. Any such messages will be automatically discarded.

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